Ninja The White Rabbit 0.95

Side Scrollers 1.09 Mb Freeware

Author's note:

It was a beautiful and sunny day at Doi'jo Island. You (the little ninja) were at the town and doing what you always did this kind of day. Playing poker with your friends, tho you weren't so good at it and you had only won five times out of the 30 in the past month. But then suddenly when you had a full house
a strange sound came from the inner part of the island. All your friends said that they would go and check it out (darn!). So you split up to check the different part of the island, you were assigned to explore the north (inner) part of the island...and the adventure begins.


Move left/right - left/right arrow keys
Slipp through platforms - down arrow key
Z - jump
X - x-weapon
C - c-weapon
R-restart current room (coin penalty)
Move up/down - up/down arrow keys
Accept/skip - Z
F1 - info (a part of readme.txt and hints.txt)
F4 - full-/windowed screen
Esc - fast exit


* original graphics
* original sound fxs and music
* 20+ mins of gameplay!
* an "OK" storyline.. em, not.
* ninja action in platform style in only four colors!
* 19 enemies including bosses
* 12 levels to complete (Jungle, Desert, Mountain and Cave)
* If you liked this game then you'll like the preview of my next project (400+ coins)
* 4 weapons for you to use

System Requirements:

Win 9x, XP, Me, 2000
RAM: minimum 64 (higher recomended)
DirectX 8

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Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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