Nocturnal Emmision

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Author's note:

Well...this requires some explanation.

You see, back in the Game Maker 3 days, there weren't a whole lot of people around. So, in turn, not a whole lot of competition. And not a whole lot of great games. So I set out to make my dream game: a platformer. It was my first GM game. So I set out on a story, and came up with the idea of a fish accused of assassinating the president, and running from the law.

Uh...yeah. But wait, it gets better.

So after knowing what it was about, I set out on searching the entire web for images. Almost none of the images in this game are made by me. The only thing I really made was the bullets that fired from the guns (and even that looked bad). Well, I paid no attention to the Chubigans Law #35, which states that "Any game over 5 megs doesn't get downloaded often. Any game over 10 megs is dead."

My game was 12 megs. Yes.

And, believe it or not, I was REALLY focused on selling it. In the version below, you'll see ads on how to buy the game, etc.

But I never got that far. I sent it to Mark Overmars for his consideration to place on his website. His response? I still remember it today.

"Your game does a lot of things, but none of them very well. Sorry."

Well, I was crushed. I had no idea the game was so bad. I thought it was the best game ever. So there ya go.

Truth is, I am proud of some things in this game. The Spyhunter levels are fun. The underwater "Pitch Black" level was so good (in concept), I want to remake it for another game. And the voice done by my friend was priceless. (One scene about the disgruntled postal workers is great.)

So, to all the Game Makers out there just starting: You may not succeed at first, but you will eventually. Just try this game to see what I mean.

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