Nuclear Age 1.0

Puzzle 2.38 Mb Freeware

Nuclear Age is remake of an old game - Stone Age.
The goal of this game is pass from the entry point to the exit point.
You must complete level in the given time. Level has platforms which can be moved in given directions until platfrom meets wall.
You can move remote platforms by clicking on them and release it by clicking on another place again.

You control the main character via the arrowkeys and can also select and slide various platforms to help get to the exit. Besides these, there are keys, collapsing floors, teleports, etc.


Nuclear Age uses mouse control for menu navigations, selection the platform to move, and releasing the platform after move to return control to the player.

Player or captured platform can be moved using following keys:
Arrow key up - move to the up
Arrow key down - move to the down
Arrow key left - move to the left
Arrow key right - move to the right

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File Size 2.38 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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