Paragon DX

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Author's note:

This is a remake of Paragon, a game for DOS made in 1994 by Softdisk. The game made by Softdisk is accually a remake of the game Paragon made for the Commodore 64.

In this game, you control a red ball and collect all the fruits in each level to move on to the next level. Controls are below.


Fruit Race:
The first player is in the box on the left, the second player the right. Whoever collects all of their fruits first wins. If you die in this game, your ball will be restarted in about 3 seconds, but the fruits you collected already will still be gone.

Fruit Grabber:
Before starting, click the + and - symbols to change the number of fruits you play with. You both play on the same playing field. A fruit will appear in a random spot on the playing field, once it is collected a new one will appear. Whoever collects the most fruits wins.

Fruit Booter:
Before starting, click the + and - symbols to change the number of rounds you play to. In this game, there are seven fruits in the middle on top of a thin blue barrier. You can not go through this barrier. The object is to hit the fruits off of the barrier with your ball into the other player's goal of acid. You may hit the fruits back and forth as many times as needed to get them into one of the goals. You get 100 points per goal you make. A new round starts when all of the fruits have gone into either of the goals. Whoever has the most points at the end of all of the rounds wins.

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