Side Scrollers 1.72 Mb Freeware

An action-platformer with 15 levels

Author's note:

You have fallen into the Dungeon, and there is no way out, except to go through it...
Make your way downwards, avoiding fiendish traps such as swinging axes, lava and crushers. Test your skill in Immortal Leper and Single Life mode.
Don't want to start from the beginning? Restart from either of the 4 stages on the map screen, but only if you've been in that stage before. Your progress will save automatically.


Up/Down - Select menu item
Enter - Confirm selection

Left/Right - Move left or right
Shift/Ctrl - Jump/Climb ledges
Up - Climb ledge
Down - Crouch/Drop from ledge
Down+Jump - Slide

About this file
File Size 1.72 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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