Piskvork 8.5

Board 121 Kb Freeware

This game is often called GoMoku or Five in a row. You must make five symbols in a line and do that sooner than your opponent. You can choose a skin, set time limit for a move, set time limit for whole match, save positions to disk, undo all moves.

The log window shows coordinates and time of every move. Many external artificial intelligences from Russia, China, Hungary, Czech Republic and USA can be downloaded from http://gomocup.wz.cz. Some of them are so hard that it's almost impossible to win. Others are suitable for beginners. Network game is possible between 2 computers if at least one of them has public IP address.

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Homepage http://petr.lastovicka.sweb.cz/indexEN.html
File Size 121 Kb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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