Planet of The Vegetables

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Author's note:

For no apparent reason earth has come under the rule of vegetables, not normal vegetables, but evil mutated, human sized vegetables that talk in high voices and smile as you obliterate their empire. And, you guessed it; you are a human that has come to a city on this planet to kill all the vegetables.

The game features a variety of about 20 weapons, ranging from blowpipe, uzi and grenades to levitation devices and chips that implant to victims heads and disable their brain.

Also vehicles are included in the game, each with different specifications that allow certain vehicles to perform better than others and to offer some variety. Vehicles include hatchbacks, wagons and sedans through to sports cars and a rather buggy tank.

There are about 6 missions, as well as a starting and ending animation. They take place in a few different areas, and suprisingly, there is actually a story to the game! As well, there is a fully customisable cruise mode gives you a series of options to make sure that you can cruise around just how you would like. The city that this game takes place in has a few distinct areas, including a park, a highway alongside the sea and many banks and apartments.

This is a game that is just a fun game, no more, don't expect a highly involved storyline, deep emotions or any of that stuff, but do expect mass killing sprees, a huge arsenal of unbalanced (but fun) weapons and blue Vegetable-blood to line all the streets as you cackle maniacally at your destructive power you have unleashed in PLANET OF THE VEGETABLES

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