Project Nebula

Side Scrollers 2.61 Mb Freeware

Far in the future, in deep space, an intergalactic war is being fought between the Dragon Nebula and the X Nebula.

You are NeoX 3000, a droid created by the Dragon Nebula army; one of the most powerful mechanoids ever created. Your purpose is to enter the X Nebula and destroy it's 4 mechanoid guardians in order to infiltrate their defense systems.


Arrow Keys or W,S,A,D (choose from the menu): Move NeoX
Mouse: Move the aim cursor
Left Click: Fire blaster
Right Click: Pause game

The Game:

The game is laid out as four missions. You will move through these stages one by one fighting off the defences of the X Nebula army until you reach the guardian mechanoid, at which point you must engage in combat. Once each mechanoid is destroyed, you will enter the next mission.

The bar at the top left indicates your health. When you take a hit, you will lose health. If your health is depleted, you will lose a life. If you run out of lives, the game will be over.

The red bar underneath this is the kills bar. Each enemy you manage to kill will add a little to this bar. When this bar fills up, you will recieve an extra life.


In order to play full screen, simply click the maximise button and your monitor's display resolution will automatically be changed in order to play full screen without any slowdown.

Project Nebula was designed around the Medium setting, but since it is a difficult game, an option to play in Easy mode was added for those of you who just can't click that darn fast. There is also a Hard mode for those of you with extreme reflex skills.

For those of you who are used to First Person Shooters, the option to use W,S,A and D for movement as opposed to the arrow keys has been included. You can toggle Arrows or W,S,A,D from the game menu.

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