Psycho Boy 3D Beta

Classic 7 Mb Freeware

Similar to Paper Boy for the Amiga except instead of throwing papers you throw bricks in full 3D. Includes the old favourites (dogs, cars, unexplained ramps) plus some new obstacles (nuclear power plants, falling trees, bouncy castles, ice, snowmen etc).

How to Play:

Select Arcade Game to play.
Left Arrow key - move left
Right Arrow key - move right
Up Arrow key - Accelerate
Down Arrow Key - Brake
CTRL - throw brick
ESC - Pause
F1 - toggle fullscreen

AIM: Hitting a house adds 1 to your score, completing a level doubles your score.

AVOID: Holes, dogs, falling trees, thin ice, snipers (avoid the crosshair), cars, hitting nuclear plants, and bricks that have been bounced back to you.

TIP: Dogs can't get past fallen trees, you can't be snipered while in the air, don't throw too many bricks.

About this file
File Size 7 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
Price -