Psypan 1.06.124

Tetris Style 3.58 Mb Freeware

A Tetris like game with aspects of logic and combination mind. The aim is to build rows of stones with less than 3 of same in horizontal or vertical order.
All these rows will be erased and filled up with falling down new ones. A level is solved when the stonebar is fully green and even it must be happen of course in a limit of time.
There are special stones which can move diagonally or have a magic effect too, bonustools to manipulate the playfield, different levelmodes, stonesets and much more in it.
I used the good old tracker music format for background, not the best sound, but it will help to make a smaller packed archive.
Very important, please use true colour resolution of less than 24 or 32 bit!

About this file
File Size 3.58 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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