Side Scrollers 3.98 Mb Freeware

Introducing Qube, the little square shaped hero in this game. He is a happy little fellow. Happy, that is, until someone kidnaps his girlfriend, the beautiful Lola. Help him return her to her home, utilizing his various powers, which can be acquired in various ways.

Travel through over 30 level of various terrain, fighting and avoiding enemies, all to rescue Lola and her yellow bow.


Up - Jump, again for double jump, if Yellow
Left/Right - Move
Z - Grab an item (Key, Crate, Bomb, etc)
X - Use item, use speed when orange

Power overview - Different colors make you do different things

Green - Normal, nothing special
Blue - Swimming! Water is no longer such an obstacle
Yellow - Double jump, jump high as you can
Red - Red, as in red hot! Stand on lava!
Cyan - Cold as ice! Slip and slide with less friction
Orange - Hold X to move twice as fast!
Grey - Metal, you are heavy, you fall fast, but can press certain switches.

No install needed

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