Side Scrollers 9.29 Freeware

All is not well in the mid Cretaceous Period...

A peaceful pack of fun-loving velociraptors has had its eggs stolen by marauding pterodactyls and scattered all over the place. This is serious stuff - the prehistoric world is no playground for unprotected raptor eggs. Snakes, compies, spikey bear things and even T-Rexes lurk menacingly around every corner. A single raptor is entrusted with the task of confronting danger and bringing back the eggs before something makes a meal out of them.

Control the little green dinosaur in this platform adventure, filled with a wide variety of intelligent enemies and challenging puzzles. Talk with other characters, hunt things to keep up your energy (and for fun), and play out the story through 25 smoothly animated levels, scattered with sound sequences and cut scenes.

Mike's note:

This is a must see freeware game - checkout the screen shots.
No install needed

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Homepage http://www2.bouncingfox.co.uk/
File Size 9.29
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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