Room War

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The Game Creator's note:

The concept is amazingly simple - fly around a room with your other alien buddies, protecting the stunning Alienware computer system in the corner from attack by the grey aliens.

The action takes place from a cockpit view with an overlaid HUD, you can lock onto the baddies using the right mouse button and shoot them down with the left. Cursor keys control your speed. The first thing that strikes you about this game is its graphical beauty, everything has been meticulously created in 3D, from the Ikea style unit to the guitar to the sofa complete with trousers thrown over the back.

When you start to play the game however you realise that this attention to detail extends beyond just the appearance, for the gameplay itself is silky smooth. Locking onto an alien and chasing him down through the twisting areas of the room, zooming past the orange juice carton, lazers blasting away and pulling up at the last minute over hi-fi system is just a vision to behold. There is no jarring collision detection, you don't die if you hit a wall, you slide around it. There are very few places you can get "stuck" and as you progress through the levels more and more ships appear, lazers flying everywhere as you pilot frantically around trying your best to chase the pesky little aliens as they twist and turn to evade you.

The playability is up there with the best of them and this game is simply addictive - we kept on and on playing it until we had finished each level. Try this game for yourself to understand why it was the winner.

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