Sailor V Game 1.2

Side Scrollers 6.69 Mb Freeware

This is an arcade side-scrolling game based upon popular Sailor Moon anime and manga series.

Playing as Sailor V you'll have to complete five levels fighting monsters. The game has online high scores ranking.

This game was created by Sailormoon fans accordingly to screenshots of the actual Sailor V arcade game shown in the Sailormoon anime (episodes 02, 08, 29, 31).

Accordingly to Sailor V manga volume 2, Sailor V game arcade machine was brought into Game Center Crown by Artemis so that Minako could train her warrior skills.

Generally, there are not so many backgrounds shown in the anime, so for the most part they were composed by the authors of Sailor V game 1.1. Still, the glimpses
shown were reconstructed in this game (e.g. arched windows & columns (ep. 31) can be seen at level 2).

All enemies can be divided into two categories: enemies of fixed quantity and enemies appearing endlessly. The further into level the faster the last ones appear;
it continues until player gets a checkpoint.

left, right arrows - to move around;
up, down arrows - to aim upward/downward;
V-key - shoot/perform Sailor V kick;
space - to jump;
enter - to pause game;
F5 - to stop/play music;

System Requirements:

Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP
P-II-400 MHz or better
Direct X 8.0 or better

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