Snowboard Santa 1.2

Side Scrollers 2.21 Mb Freeware

"Ho Ho Ho! Somewhere around the North Pole, trouble is hanging in the air.. This year Rudolph and the other reindeer are ill, so our beloved hero Santa Claus has to get out of the North Pole to deliver gifts to the children of the world, using a snowboard!!" Welcome to the wonderfull world of Snowboard Santa!

This is a snowboard action game for kids! Collect as many 'magic stars' as you can to gather points! But watch out, the Evil Dr. Death is watching you and he has sent his evil elfs out to make your journey difficult! They have spread bombs around the area to make you stop.


Keep holding down the right arrow key to move
Press spacebar to jump
Snowboard tricks while jumping: M = grab tail, K = front

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File Size 2.21 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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