Soccer Extreme 1.0

Sports 5.52 Mb Freeware

10 seconds left on the clock...the score is player is sprinting across the field to widen his lead...WHAM!! He makes a shot...5 seconds player intercepts it and charges down the field...2 seconds left...he shoots...ball bounces off the post and SCORES!!

CB's latest production, Soccer Extreme, is fast and furious. Possibly the first soccer game ever made with DarkBASIC, this game is a worthy start. With both one and two player modes, as well as a host of gameplay options, you'll always have a challenge as you attempt to defeat each mode.

Menu interface is smooth and action-packed with a highly detailed club house where you can read the rules and change the options. You can also pause the game at any time and return to the menu or windows without going through the whole alt+f4 process. Besides all this, it also comes with a fully 3D intro to give you the feel of the game.

Soccer Extreme - The Challenge Begins.

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File Size 5.52 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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