Spectres 1.0

Classic 4.32 Mb Freeware

Author's note:

This fairly simple game is effectively Pac-Man in reverse. You play Eddie the Electrician, charged (no pun intended) with re-lighting a haunted mansion. Run around the maze planting a lightbulb in every socket and avoiding the rampaging spectres. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

You are aided by the presence of generators in the corners of each room which, when activated, turn on all the bulbs you have planted. Contact with the light scares the spectres so you can catch them and send them away, but they will soon be back. You can collect fuel cans along the way which will make the bulbs burn longer, but beware ... the lit bulbs will fail when the generator runs out of fuel so you have to go back and replace them all. Fill the maze with bulbs, and you can escape to the next level.

I have tried to make the remake play as similarly to the original as possible, including retaining the original level designs, with the other obvious changes being the exchange of the generators for switches, and a score of 10 points per bulb rather than 1. Also, you are awarded an extra life every 10,000 points (roughly one per level on average). You will need them!


Cursor Keys: Move Eddie Up, Down, Left and Right
F1: Display this Help Screen
F5: Save the Game
F6: Load a previously saved Game
S: (from Title Screen) View High Scores
C: (from High Score Screen) Clear High Scores
Esc: Quit

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