Stu's Quiz Boxes 5.0

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Stu's Quiz Boxes (for Windows) is an exciting, interactive and educational computer-based gameshow available to everybody. Use it in schools and colleges, at conferences and parties. But the main use is expected to be in classrooms.

As Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) and data projectors become more widely used in schools, there is a need for motivating, interactive and educational software to complement them. Many IWB titles available involve working with one student while everybody else looks on. But Stu's Quiz Boxes is different. Firstly its all about teamwork - Quiz Boxes can be played by up to 6 teams. So, once you've split your class up into the desired number of teams, select a Quiz Boxes Quiz to play.

Now, imagine this game board filling an IWB. The teacher or a student is the M.C. or host. Select a dollar-value in a category to see the question panel. Keep score automatically by pressing [tick] or [cross] against each team as they answer the questions. Play on through the board to reveal hidden SUPER Quiz Boxes where the team in control can wager any or all of their score on the outcome of the next question. Then it's through to the showdown - the Quiz Box Breaker.

Everything you know and love about that other gameshow is in Stu's Quiz Boxes But here's the real power of this program - The Question Editor. With the Question Editor, teachers can create quizzes. Students can create quizzes. One class can create a question file for another class to use. Build quizzes that cover every topic. Make the creation of quizzes a whole class activity. Every student can contribute questions individually, or groups can contribute a whole category of questions.

Use the games for topic review. Use the games as a reward. Share your quizzes via the Stu's Quiz Boxes website. Download shared quizzes from the Quiz Boxes website. It's a great group activity that can be used over and over throughout each year.

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