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This is a three-in-one game, where you can choose from Substitute, Time Warped, and Match Up. Below are the rules to each game.

Match Up: Using your mouse, click on a jewel that is the same color as the ones beside it. All colors that are the same and are touching each other will vanish with a flash. You CAN click on one that has no matching color beside it, but it will only give you one point! If you ever played Destruct-o-Match, this is very much the same. The object is to get the most points with only 30 clicks. This means you can take your time!

Substitute: This one is much like Match Up, only now you don't click on matching jewels. Instead, you now must look at the bottom of the screen. In the brown circle, a colored jewel will be in the middle of it. Click on ANY jewel in the main game window, and it will replace the jewel from the brown circle to the the jewel you clicked on! The point of this is to connect colors together. You have 30 clicks, but the point is to use as little as you can. Every time you make a large conection, the ball at the bottom of the screen will move right. Try to get it to the other side of the red pipe.

Time Warped: This one is like BOTH of the above games. Now, you won't be substituting anymore, but you will still be looking at the brown circle. The color that is inside of it is the color you want to click on. Click on as many as you can before the color changes. You want to get as many points as you can before the time runs out. Your time is now the blue ball inside the red pipe.

Oh, and if you do really well, big words will pop up on the screen. There are three of them: Good, Great, Amazing!
Get as many Greats and Amazings as you can!

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