Super Baron Brothers

Side Scrollers 4.48 Mb Freeware

A mario type game with new powerups and enemies. It has over forty levels sorted into five seperate worlds. It also has six bosses and four minigames. Includes a map screen.


Arrow Keys
Spacebar: Jump
Up: Go in doors

An anchor stops enemies for a short time: duck while standing on it to get it
Invisible suit makes you impervious: run into it to get it
Metal Balloons make you metal and invincible: run into to get it
lightning bolt will make you fast for a limited time: run into to get it

On the map go back to the start and hit space to save.
Spacebar will also bring you into levels and tubes.

No install needed

About this file
File Size 4.48 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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