Super Mega Pet 1.0.3HD

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The Goal: Survive a hazardous life journey and explore the secret mini-world of Super Mega Pet.

Status Indicator: Here you will see the many different states in a Super Mega Pet Life! Keep an eye on your pets status to better protect its future.

Play: [Left clicking], [Right Clicking] & [Middle Clicking] use different toys depending on which ones you have bought at the shop. Some toys come with additional toys!

Sleep: [Left clicking] will put your pet to sleep, but only if he is feeling sleepy. You will know when that is.

Clean: [Left clicking] will clean your pet, your tank, and possibly save your pets life! Super Mega Pets are a little grumpy about cleaning however.

Feed: [Left clicking] will give your pet your primary food. [Right Clicking] will give Super Mega Pet™ your secondary food - if you have purchased one from the store.

Movement: There are 3-ways to move Super Mega Pet™

[W]= UP

[Arrow Keys] & [Number Pad]: Directional Movement. Note: Arrow keys are sometimes required to motivate a stubborn/stopped Super Mega Pet.

[Ctrl]: Stop - but he will always feel free to make his own movements! Even more as he gets smarter.

Special: [Left clicking] can help in case of certain emergencies like sickness. Click the Special button in the garden to use treasure maps.

Hibernate:[Double clicking] will put your pet into hibernation and save your progress before quitting. Left click Hibernate to awaken a pet you have hibernated successfully. Note: Long hibernations periods can be deadly for Super Mega Pet.

Shop: [Left Clicking] will take you to the shopping center where you can buy special items to increase your pets chances of growing old.

Power Up [Keys]:

[F1]= Bug Spray
[F2]= Fireball
[F3]= Spike Shot
[F4]= Read Book (high IQ only)

Once you have found our bought a Power Up you can activate them for 30-secs by pressing the function key and then pressing the space bar. You can use powers an unlimited number of times, except for Fireball, which costs one coin per shot.

Away Quests: Randomly, and at different stages of Super Mega Pets life Quest Stones will appear in the digital life chamber. If your status is normal, and Super Mega Pet's needs are fully satisfied, [click] the Quest Stone to begin your quest! There is an easy way to beat each quest, and there is a rewarding way. Experiment with different ways of winning quests, but beware, quests are extremely dangerous.

Treasure Hunting: If you have collected a Treasure Map and purchased a garden you can look for buried treasure in the garden by pressing the [Special] button. The higher your IQ is, the more likely you are to find good treasure.

Stick: [1]&[K]=Stick if you have bought one at the shop. You can also find sticks in full grown trees.

Monster Gateway: A Hangman style mini-game! These appear randomly or when you purchase one at the shop, the G1 Quest Stone will appear in the tank. Click the stone to begin.

1. Click on the far left of the text bar to type a letter.
2. Type a letter and press enter to guess.

If you are correct. The letter will appear, if not, the Monster Gateway will begin to open. Click on the left side of the text and repeat.

Note: As with all Quests, Monster Gateway is very dangerous.

Life Score: As you journey down the road of life with your pet, you are being judged! The more happy and rewarding Super Mega Pets™ life is, the higher your life score will be. If your life score is high enough it will be recorded in the Hall of Fame, along with name, and cause of death.

R.I.P. Unfortunately, as with real pets (most) Super Mega Pets eventually die. Either from tank hazards or old age. When your pet dies, click the R.I.P. headstone to end the game and be entered into the Hall of Fame - if your life style was good enough.

[F8]= Menu Bar. From here you can turn off music or sound effects if you prefer to listen to music while you play Super Mega Pet!

System Requirements:

Win XP/Vista/7
1280x720 or better display resolution.
2.4 GHz or better.
512MB RAM or better.
25MB HD space or better.

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