Super Squirrel

Side Scrollers 19.8 Mb Freeware

Play as Super Squirrel as you battle with your trusty Super Blaster and Lightning Sword through a variety of exciting levels. This is a game that players can pick up and know how to play within seconds, and not be able to stop until they've completed Super Squirrel's quest.

It is a game of fast-paced fighting and cartoony sci-fi action adventure. The player chooses to take on any level from the world map, and then proceeds to run, jump, climb, and fly through to the end, defeating enemies with Super Squirrel's arsenal of futuristic weapons.

Author's Note:

Super Squirrel is a 2D side-scrolling platformer and my sophomore project at DigiPen. It was submitted to the 9th annual Independent Games Festival Student Showcase. The game featured classic action similar to "Megaman" except the player is equipped with both a gun and a sword. Both these weapons are upgraded as the player continues through the 5 levels of the game.

I was responsible for the game's UI and ranking system, as well as overall architecture knowledge. The game was made in C++ using OpenGL.

Also on this project was Dustin Fischer (Graphics, Sound and Art), Ian Callanan (AI), Mike Callihan (Physics), and Billy Clemo (Tools).

System Requirements:

Win 2000/XP
600MHz Processor
128 MB RAM
10MB of Hard Drive Space
Keyboard or Controller

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File Size 19.8 Mb
Operating Systems Windows 2000
Windows XP
License Freeware
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