Terragon 1.0

Puzzle 3.58 Mb Freeware

The aim of the game is simple - cover the screen in red blocks, which are left behind your yellow square. You cannot retrace your steps, so you must devise a way to traverse the course without going back on a red square. To make things more interesting, there's a time limit too!

The controls couldn't be simpler! Just use the direction keys to move your yellow square. You can press ENTER to go to the Pause Menu, where you can either Resume, Restart or Quit the level. Use ENTER and the UP and DOWN keys to navigate these menus.

You can also change the Music Volume, by pressing + and - to increase or decrease the volume of the music.

Author's note:

A truly mind-numbing puzzle game. Guide your yellow square through the maze, but don’t retrace your steps, or it’s game over for you! And to add to that, you have to complete each of the 50 levels before the timer runs out!

To top it all off, you will be able to submit your scores and compete against players all over the world!

Tip: Don't go for the gem straight away, sometimes it can be a trap!

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