The Bunker

Action 1.97 Mb Freeware

Year 2162. You have bought an abandoned a bunker at the other side of the Moon. No one knows why you did that!

After a while you have noticed the other side of Moon was controlled by aliens! Aliens saw your base and started investigation of you in their land. Firstly they sent scouts and started attacking stronger every time.

You realised that they are getting stronger and you started buying supplies from earth, by trading dead alien corpses for money. You also get money by showing your accuracy, because you have signed into competition in whole Sun system!


Fire laser:
Fire gas bomb:
To slow the time:
Restart game:

Objective of this game: You start with a random money amount, which you can spend on upgrades and weapons. You need to collect money, score, kill space-bugz and robots.

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File Size 1.97 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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