The New Satan Sam 3.2

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SatanSam is a light puzzle/action platform game. Originally intended as a direct remake of the first SatanSam game released back in 2002, the new game has exceeded the original.


* 127 levels, 10 worlds, 14 big bosses
* Map system for replaying levels
* Support for 2 players (Co-op)
* Full MP3 soundtrack
* A selection of vehicles, weapons and powers
* Rock solid platform engine
* Support for 4 save files
* Unlockable secrets and (plenty of) weapons
* Lush detailed worlds to explore, each world bringing new challenges
* Emphasis on old-school gameplay

Author's note:

. What is the gameplay like?
The basic game premise and level design is similar to the first game. You simply have to clear a level, usually no bigger than 4 screens, of enemies and find a path to the exit. Some levels have timers, some have switches, some need special items to reach the end. There will be plenty of puzzles too, some that span a few levels.
The gameplay is quite frantic. Sam can move quite fast and has a bunch of moves which can send him flying all over the level. In that way Sam is quite an acrobatic platformer. Hes a little like Kirby too, in that Kirby can fly anywhere in a level so levels have a sort of overhead 'cave' like feel to them. Sam has moves which can send him upwards too.

Basically I wanted a game where the player will find it fun just to move around. I want it acrobatic, too many games I've played, whilst good, have been to restrictive on movement. I want something dynamic. A game where you can throw Sam around whilst still killing enemies, of course it will take skill and practice but with the 15 levels of training most players should be alright. Levels have been planned around Sams movement, you can't just rush through a level. It doesn't work like that. Couple that with a physics engine and you've got a crazy gameplay cocktail. Its fast too. Not stupidly fast, though you can pretty much play it how you like. Take it slow and pick off enemies one by one or go in for the overkill and use your powers to wipe out hordes of enemies in one fell swoop!

The gameplay is fairly different from most games. It's also a part I like to talk about, I'd rather talk than show a gameplay video. Which I probably won't release until weeks from the game release. Which is why the trailer for the game just shows enemies and levels.

Secret levels exist but not on maps! mwhaha. you have to find these on levels.

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