The Old Remedy 3D Skateboarding

Sports 3 Mb Freeware

Skate, ollie, flip and grind through 3 levels based on real skate spots in Inverness and Drumnadrochit, Scotland.

Featuring three 3D levels including accurate recreations of Glen Urquhart High School and Eastgate Shopping Centre. The game follows Neil, a skateboarder who wants to be cool. He must first impress the local King of skating, Martin Munro, then make his way to town and finally help out a friend who has been robbed.

There is also a simple level editor wherein you can create your own simple levels and test them out. Objects at your disposable include ramps, rails and landmines.

The whole game is voice acted with sound effects, and if you plug in a joypad before beginning the game, you can play with a joypad! The game was released way back in early 2004, so please be lenient with your expectations!


For 1 player, 3D skateboarding game
Ollies, flips, grinds and more to perform
3 levels with objectives
Voice acting
Skate park creator, Make your own levels
Joypad support

System Requirements:

Windows 98 / XP
Direct X7.0
Geforce 2 or better

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File Size 3 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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