Vigilante 1.1

Side Scrollers 1.84 Mb Freeware

Author's note:

All in all, I tried to keep the feeling of the game that captured my heart; while adding new game possibilities. The visual is as close as can be, the animation is top smooth. Ahh, the sound effects are 80% from the original game, so they're ok, unfortunately I found no fitting soundtrack... The music packs contain music found from various Internet sources, it's a very different feeling from the original game and I don't like it very much.


* Full arcade game, with 5 levels, 5 weapons (+ dynamite), more than 500 sprites
* Screen resolution of 320x240, 256 colors
* Multi-layer scrolling (3 layers in level 2)
* Colormapped sprites (same sprites used in different color sets)
* 8-bit stereo sounds effects:), panned depending on sound emitters. MOD/S3M music.
* Can record and playback game demos, even over levels or the whole game.


Required keys
Use the keys from the "options" menu to move your character around.
Esc : quit to menu (abort game)

Special moves
Not really a special move, but be aware you have two flying punches, depending on if you keep "up" pressed or not. One of these attack aims at head's height, while the other one hits higher (use only against TALL enemies)

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File Size 1.84 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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