Visual Pinball 6.1

Pinball 3.66 Mb Freeware

Complete freedom over table layout. If you like, you can start with nothing but a blank table and build up your creation. Or, start with a preset table or edit an existing table.

Curved surfaces. Walls and ramps can have both straight sections and smooth flowing arcs, as simpy as dragging a few points around.

True 3D rendering. Tables come alive with realistic shading and shadows. Choose to view the table at any angle, at any resolution - a small window to play while multi-tasking or full-screen max-resolution for the complete pinball effect.

Shaped Lights. Flashing arrows, arcs, semi-circles; lights can be made into any shape you deisre, or choose a simple circle to quickly whip a concept up.

Complete freedom over rules. The amazing VBScript based engine allows you to have any event create any effect! Combine events to create complex tasks, and give your game a real plot.

All the pinball parts are here. Plungers, flippers, kickers, bumpers, ramps, lights, text displays, gates, spinners, timers, triggers, decals, and drop targets are all at your disposal. And any wall section can become a slingshot with the click of a checkbox!

Shape your objects any way you want. A tall, thin bumper with a wide overhang? A short, stubby flipper that spins all the way around? Not a problem, just do it.

Add images to your board. Add your own pictures to walls, floors, spinners, bumpers, and targets to give your game a distinctive personality. Choose any color you want for other parts like flippers, lights and text displays.

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