Zilladon's Quest

Side Scrollers 808 Kb Freeware

A sidescroller with nice & simple graphics.
The gameplay is similar to the classic Mario games. You can jump on the enemies head to destroy them.
Press Keypad * to bring up the menu anytime during gameplay if you need it.


Arrow Keys = Move + Jump
Spacebar = Breathe Fire

Special Controls (Keypad)
/ - Switch to Fullscreen/Windowed
* - Brings up the Help Screen
- - Clear the Highscore Table
0 - Pauses the Game

Esc. - End the game.


Gasball (Green) - The only enemy in the first world. Either jump on its head or flame it to kill it.
Lightningball (Yellow) - This one you can only flame.
Fireball (Red) - This one cannot be flamed. Jump on its head.
(Don't I have awesomely creative names for minor enemies?)
Bosses - Flame them. The number reading "Boss" in the upper right hand corner of the screen shows the boss's health (although I think that's pretty obvious.)


Heart (Yes, I know, it's badly drawn) - Gives you an extra life.
Sun - Gives you either 10 or 50 points.

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