Amazo test: Supreme Ratings Edition 2.0

Arcade 2 Mb Freeware

Author's note:

Amazo test is a game with 6 tests, each containing 10 questions. At the end of a test you will be given a rating. Please answer truthfully.


Mouse- menu select
A,B,C,D- choice selection
Space- turn music on and off
Alt- ???

Easter Eggs:
Hidden in this game are easter eggs. They may contain hidden quizzes, minigames, additional ratings and more. There are 3 hidden throughout the game!

All questions, quizzes and graphics were created by Jaret.
Amazo test and all related terms are properties of Magma Studio and Jaret Martens Productions. The results may not be accurate. Please do not take this game literally.

No install needed

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Operating Systems Windows
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