Ball Bastard

Side Scrollers 1.13 Mb Freeware

A short sidescroller


Ball Bastard is an angry pink ball. He hates happy yellow balls. They're just boring. Solution? Launch off a bunch of golden nukes to cleanse the planet of all balls. I think he's gone a bit peculiar, to tell you the truth. To launch off enough nukes, he must brave the Green Meadow, Climb the White Mountain, and penetrate the Black Tower to defeat the King of Annoying Yellow Balls, King Yellowball.


Left/Right Arrows: move
Up: Jump. You can jump on top of any yellow ball, which wil launch you into the air a second time. This is important throughout much of the game.
Down: By holding down and pressing a direction, you can dash at twice your normal speed. The downside is you cannot jump. This is necessary in several places.

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File Size 1.13 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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