Noirduck’s Legacy

Side Scrollers 2.41 Mb Freeware

Very nice platform game that tells a complete story about the famous Disney characters. Nice graphics and many nice original touches, like the possibility to control three characters that actually must collaborate on certain tasks.

In this game you take control over Huey, Duey and Louie to collect three key which they need to unlock a treasure chest once owned by the great count Noirduck of France.
The main characters and some enemies where taken directly form Disney’s hit series “Ducktales”.


LEFT/RIGHT – character movement / selections in the main menu
ENTER – confirm selections/ skip sequences
W – jump (time pressed equals jump height)
E – “Pillar” Mode
Q – detonate box when standing on a switch (final stage only)
1 - Play as Huey (default) /save or load game in menu
2 - Play as Duey /save or load game in menu
3 - Play as Louie /save or load game in menu
ALT + F4 – Exit the game
ESC – Restart the game

Created with GameMaker - No install needed

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File Size 2.41 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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