BioHexx 2: The Bacteria Invasion

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Biohexx 2: In the mind of many, bacteria have always been the mundane microscopic organisms doing nothing all day and definitely, nothing nefarious. Well, in the world of Biohexx 2, bacteria are nothing but boring. Get ready for the world of warring bacteria species!

In Biohexx 2, you'll get a different perspective of what bacteria are. Biohexx 2 is a board game with a twist. The game board is a hexagon comprised of smaller hexagons. You'll start off with a few of your own bacteria, while your opponent, the computer, starts off this its own few. The goal of the game is board domination -- the one with the most bacteria on the board at the end of the game, wins. There are three types of gameplay for Biohexx 2 -- Scenario, Head to Head and Classic Game. For the classic games, you can even choose game difficulties -- Easy, Normal, Hard and Impossible -- not that you'd need the game to be harder, it's already challenging playing the normal mode! The mechanics of the game is simple -- choose the bacterium you want to work with, and then select whether to replicate or move it to another hex.

When you select a bacterium, the hexes around it would be highlighted. The empty spaces immediately next to it could be used to replicate your bacterium species. The succeeding hexes are where you can move your bacterium if you decide not to replicate. And the bacteria don't just move; they cartwheel between hexes, not too bad for entertainment. The enemy bacteria adjacent to your newly-formed or relocated bacteria are then transformed into your own species. It's a battle of wits and only the wittiest will survive. Biohexx 2 is a game sure to stimulate your brain cells -- something which you never thought any bacteria in the world could do.


* 3 Game Modes: Secnario, Classic, Head to Head
* 5 Types of bacteria.
* No Nags! No Limitations!

System Requirements:

Win 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA
Pentium III 500 MHz

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