Destructive Ball 1.06

Arcade 20.8 Mb Freeware

Destructive Ball is a game arcade similar to the famous Arkanoid where you must destroy all the boxes on the level and overcome various zones full of strange elements that allow the game more difficult and should get a good ability to solve levels.

The game consists of a total of 36 levels: 5 zones of 6 levels each, one final zone divided into three parts and three secret levels for discover. The game also has special items in the levels that appear in any part of the field at certain times, where each of them generates an action to capture with the ball, for example, earn a live, earn 100 points, duplicate the ball, among others. Destructive Ball has an easy to use interface where you can access each of the menus and set up comfortably, and offers a very acceptable graphics in two dimensions, and with good animations for each element.

The game is available in two languages: Spanish and English.

About this file
File Size 20.8 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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