Boulder Remake 1.8.5

Classic 2.89 Mb Freeware

In Boulder Remake you play as a person in a cave who must find all the diamonds in the cave and then make it to the exit before time expires. This is much easier said than done. It is a very dificult game. There are many obstilces to overcome. Some of which are: Balls can fall on you. Items can case after you. And of course there are barriers. If the 16 already made caves are to hard, modify them or make your own with the built in cave editor.


Before start of new game:
L = Load game
Left/right arrow keys = Select cave
Up/down arrow keys = Select level
Space = Start game
Enter = Toggle full screen/window
H = Help
M = Mute
S = Speed

While playing:
Arrow keys = move
Arrow keys + space = Pick up diamond, remove dirt or push stone without moving
Esc = Replay cave
N = Next cave (reset score)
P = Pause

While in cave editor:
Left mouse button = Draw single element
Right mouse button = Draw rectangle
Middle mouse button = Click on stone, diamond, firefly or butterfly to change properties
T = Test cave
Esc = Exit test
= - Next Cave
- - Previous Cave
] - Next Level
[ - Previous Level
. - Next menu element
, - Previous menu element

If you are an experienced Boulderdash player and find other ones to easy, give Boulder Remake a shot. You won't be disappointed!

What's new in this version
-record/play cave demo (D+SHIFT / D) - you may record demos for all 20 caves
-autoplay all of demos
-many recorded demos in *.brc files
-custom game: unpack and pack game files
-zoom option
-fixed: when in a cave are many inbox - inbox delay is irregular
-full screen is ALT-ENTER now (not ENTER)
-CTRL key for action too
-pause game when Help window is showing
-clear cave
-copy/paste cave
-pseudorandom cave generator
-new fonts
-title screen
-game over screen
-original Boulder Dash graphics and sounds (Thanks for Shabanak!)
-New elements: Rockford Dummy, Vertically Expanding Wall
-German language version (Thanks for Shabanak!)
-New games: Arno Dash 01-08 (Thanks for Arno Weber!)
-Title screen (Thanks for Udo Linke!)

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