MazeMania Light 1.0

Puzzle 2.04 Mb Freeware

MazeMania Light is a puzzle game where you must help the hero to exit from a giant maze. The maze is made of 100 rooms, each room being obstructed by some huge objects.

You must help the hero to exit from all these rooms.

The objects in the rooms are of 2 types:

- Yellow objects can be pushed by the hero. They can also be used to fill some holes in the ground.

- Cyan objects are rotative parts. The hero can make them turn around their axis

You can also make your own levels using the map editor. Please store your own level files in the "map\custom" folder of the game (you can create subfolders if needed).

3) Controls

The game is controled with the mouse and the keyboard.

Here is a list of the key shortcuts:

F1 : load game position
F2 : save game position
F3 : swap camera mode
RETURN : Restart the current level
BACKSPACE : Undo the previous action (up to 16 undo levels)
ALT + RETURN : swap fullscreen / window mode

Alternatively, a joystick in the first port of your PC can be used to control the character. The Joystick button actions are the following:

BUTTON 1 : Start / Restart the current level
BUTTON 2 : Undo then previous action

20 puzzles
OpenGL, Direct3D or Software rendering modes
Windows XP,Me,98,NT4 , 128 Mb RAM needed

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File Size 2.04 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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