Bullet Train

Classic 3.22 Mb Freeware

Bullet train is a conversion from the Atari ST original. All three levels use the original layouts.

The object of the game is to guide your train from station to station without crashing into obstacles or running into a dead end. When you train reaches a junction, it will travel straight ahead unless you instructed it to do otherwise. Use your chosen control method to alter you trains direction at the next junction. This direction is represented by an arrow at the bottom right of the playing area.

From time to time you might find your route blocked by a stray wagon or passenger car. Thankfully, your train can carry up to three missiles on board. These can be fired at any obstructions. Use these missiles sparingly, as it takes several seconds to replace a fired missile. And watch out for the explosion, it can be deadly too.

It is possible to speed up or slow down your train, but beware. There is another train using the same track behind you. The slower you travel, the quicker it will catch you up. If it catches you, then you can kiss goodbye to your train. The distance between both trains is represented in the top right of the playing area.

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