Classic 13.4 Mb Freeware

A remake of the 1984 Classic Arcade game of the same name by Activision

Ghost catching:

Position the ghost trap where you want it then press action. Position the first ghostbuster where you want and press action.
Position the second ghostbuster where you want then press action to fire your proton pack, you can move the players in to trap the ghost, press action 1 more time to activate
the ghost trap.
If your succesfull you've caught a ghost and you get paid, if not you get slimed. If you cross the streams, your backpacks explode and your 2 men incapacitated.
Your aim is to make more money than you started with before you are summoned to zuul at 10,000 pk.

If you have made more money you will need to get past the gigantic Marshmallow man , be carefull and run through his legs into the doorway withought getting squished.
Get 2 ghostbusters passed succesfully and you will be taken to the final battle with gozer.

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