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Author's note:

This is a little boardgame, that it personally keeps on my disk, and take a quick match when ever im bored. Its simply about getting five houses in a row.


Original gameplay
Enemy AI
Fake 3d engine
1 and 2 Player gamemode
Game hide function

Game hide function:
This function is made so you can quickly hide your game if you boss/teacher comes in to the room. Click the eye button or press enter to make the game invisible. But remember: Only pressing enter again will make your game visible!


The goal of Femkamp is to get five houses in a row. This can be done diagonally horizontally and vertically. Each turn you can simply click on one of you men to build a house where he is standing. Then he will move to another place on the table. The white houses in each corner are jokers. They both count as a red and a blue house. The first player who gets five houses in a row wins.

No install needed

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