Gentleman 2.6

Arcade 10.7 Mb Freeware

The point of the game is to help the old ladies across the street without getting hit by the raindrops. Also keep an eye out for mad dogs, birds, ladies with suitcases and other things.

Every 25 rescued grannies, you can get a new umbrella at the left border of the screen.
Be sure to avoid the dogs, they bite your leg and slow down your movement. Just jump over those annoying beasts.
Furthermore, you should watch out for pigeons and scare them away witch your umbrella before they crap the whole area.
You can carry only one suitcase or bag. Suitcases can be delivered on the left border of the screen, bags on the right one. NO points are given for carrying suitcases/bags! The only advantage is that the grannies -once relieved- will speed up.
You can simply push the Wheelchair-Grannies by running from right to left against them.
The game ends after 5 minutes. There is a online highscore where you can submit your highscores after finishing the game.


LEFT - Gentleman steps left
RIGHT - Gentleman steps right
UP - Gentleman jumps
F1 - shows help
F2 - sound on/off
F3 - music on/off
ESCAPE - back to titlescreen
ENTER - confirm selected option

No install needed

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File Size 10.7 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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