Goody The Remake 1.5

Side Scrollers 20.2 Mb Freeware

An excellent remake of the old platformer Goody

When starting the game click on "Idioma Espanol" to change the language to English.

Goody is a thief who want to rob a bank (the "Banco de Espana"). To be able to do that Goody needs several tools, but he has no money to buy those tools, so he needs to steal it.
The gameplay is simple. You control Goody, and your objective is to collect as much money as possible to buy the tools in the store and at the same time, to find the numbers of the bank's vault combination, avoiding the police and several annoying citizens.

Controls: (redefinable)

Arrows = move, jump & climb
Space = throw a brick
Enter = put a ladder / take the ladder back
Enter+arrows = select an item
Ctrl = pause
F2 = sound+music on/off
F5 = help
Esc = exit game

About this file
File Size 20.2 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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