Gopher Packing 1.2

Action 21.8 Mb Freeware

Your family has disappeared into a hole. You lower yourself into the hole as well and after exploring many twisting passages, discover a door with the words "TPS" marked on it.

You enter the door and find yourself in the busy, highly-secure, and technical world of a Packaging Plant using TPS packaging machines. Your goal is to make it through the building in search of your family.

In order to keep from being kicked out of the plant, though, you must stay popular with the employees. Employees like helpful Gophers and ones that don't bother them. However, they absolutely can't stand dead rodents stinking up the place, gophers who take on missions they can't do, and ones that continually pester them with questions. Therefore, you'll need to always be on your toes or out you go.

The factory you must explore is huge complete with Employees to talk to, doors to unlock, objects to find, mini-challenges to conquer, passwords to crack, with the single overriding goal of finding your family.


Upkey - Jump
Left/Right Arrowkeys - Move Left/Right
Spacekey - Continue Conversation
"P" - Open Pause Menu
"M" - Open Map (if you have one)
"T" - Continue Walkie-Talkie Conversation

System Requirements:

DirectX 9c

No install needed

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File Size 21.8 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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