Pack Man Is Getting Tough 1.7

Side Scrollers 3.21 Mb Freeware

Pack Man Is Getting Tough is a good looking game with colorful hand drawn style graphics, nice music and sound effects. The game takes place inside a TPS factory where Pack Man works. Suddenly everything that was in a crate is out trying to attack you so destroy anything that moves and save the TPS factory.

The controls for this game are arrow keys to move and the mouse controls the aiming of your weapon and together they work fine. There are loads of pick-ups in this game like better fire power, invisibility and shields, fire ball seems to be the most powerful of your weapons but does run out quick so keep looking for the fire ball icon pickups.

Don't waste your ammo by firing crazy as you can soon run out, also don't get to near the crates when firing at them as some explode and give you bad damage. Pick up as many lives as you can because you will need them to get through this game as your lifes can disappear very quickly. Keep an eye on the ceiling where blocks are, shoot or dodge the blocks on the ceiling saves taken a smack on the head.

About this file
File Size 3.21 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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