Pack 'em in

Arcade 971 Kb Freeware

Shoot balls in the boxes

In this game there are 13 boxes. You control a gun which fires balls of different colours into the boxes. If 2 balls of the same colour come into contact with each other they become joined together, and if a group of 5 or more is created, you will score points.

Points allow you to progress to higher levels, and after every four levels another different colour is added, making your task considerably more difficult.

As a new level begins your gun's position will be changed by 90 degrees, altering the position of the boxes relative to you.


You control the gun with the Mouse.

Button 1 Fires
In the bottom left of the screen you will see which colours are ready to be fired next.

Button 2 Reloads (you must reload every 6 shots)

Press ESCAPE once to reset and twice to exit the game.

Note - After a short time on the title screen - a gameplay demo will begin. To exit
from this demo, press ESCAPE as normal.

No install needed

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