Solar Striker Remake

Classic 11.1 Mb Freeware

A remake of the 1989 Nintendo Shooter Solar Striker

It is now the year 2159. Earth has been attacked by forces from the planet Reticulon.

Several hundred years ago, Reticulon sent messages conveying their intent to attack. The Earth Federation Government was formed, unifying the whole world. The Earth would be protected by the Federation Army.

Unfortunately, the power of the aggressive Reticulon forces proved too much for the Federation Army. Earth was subjected to a crushing defeat.

There is one last chance. The Federation Army has a secret megabase on the Moon. Here, the Earth's finest scientists and technicians have developed an ultra-performance fighter ship. The name of this fighter is SolarStriker.

Author's note:

Like the original, the remake has 6 stages ending with a boss. While i tried to keep the enemies and the level design as close to the original as possible, I made bigger changes to the end bosses.
I added a secondary missile attack, a replay function and some smaller things.

The graphics are still trashy but at least completely new.
I took the music and sfx from the original.

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