Planet of Cartmans 1.2

Shooters 5.01 Mb Freeware

A violent South Park platformer/shoot'em up

This game contains violence and some profane language.
You may not play this game unless you're 16 or older, or got
your parents/legal guardian permission to play if you're under 16.

The games has 20 levels + a final boss level.
It's a great game. It's only a pity that the game runs in such a small window (320x200).

It was a quiet day like many others in South Park. Kenny was sitting on a bench, wondering what could he do to spend his time until two kids wearing NASA shirts arrived in and spurted out some experiment about kids in space. Kenny somehow managed to get enlisted against his will and is sent to space. A whole year passes until Kenny regains his senses on a flying spaceship. Not interested in staying onboard longer, Kenny slams the EJECT button and is sent to space. He lands on a planet habitated with... CARTMANS! They aren't welcoming Kenny's arrival much, and are more dedicated in killing him. Luckly Kenny had a blaster gun handy. Kenny is dedicated in exterminating that Cartman army at all costs...

It is rumored that the Cartmans got 2 secret hideouts to hide themselves in. One is hidden in the bowels of a virus-riden factory, the other one is hidden in a dark cavern. Can you find these secret levels? If you do find them, try to beat 'em to receive goodies!

Arrow keys = Move
1 = Equip blaster
2 = Equip bazooka (when you'll have retrieved it)
3 = Equip shotgun (when you'll have retrieved it)
4 = Equip SMG (when you'll have retrieved it)
Shift = Jump
Ctrl = Use weapon

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File Size 5.01 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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