Vertrix 2 2.0

Tetris Style 15.9 Mb Freeware

The gameplay should be well known for most players. It is similliar to tetris, but different. In Vetrix2 you have to arrange three gems of same color horizontally, vertically or diagnally. After you destroyed 3 rows/columns you may use your special attack.

The game has 16 arenas all with unique graphics and music, There also 16 fighters to choose from, and they each have different special attacks.

To use a special attack:

1. Collect three lights (it can be done by destroying 3 rows)
2. In the left corner special detail start falling you have to press left/right to activate the special attack.
3. You can choose which attack you want to activate by changing color of falling detail.

Default Controls (It can be changed):

Player one :
left, right = move detail left or right
up = change colors
down = drop detail

Player two:
mouse = move detail left or right
left mouse button = change colors
right mouse button = drop details.

About this file
File Size 15.9 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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