Rise Out - the Remake 1.0

Classic 6.8 Mb Freeware

A remake of the 1983 classic maze game Rise Out from Dungeons by ASCII

Author's note:

The game "Rise Out from Dungeons" written by Hibiki Godai
for MSX-compatible computers and published by "ASCII" in 1983.

The goal of game is the "rise out" from the series of catacombs, by the decision of puzzles, collecting of treasures, and avoidance of meetings with bad fellows and water. Some of treasures hide the key to the locked doors, some contain additional life of player.

(I think, it was japanese response to american "Lode Runner" by "Broderbund Software".)

In later 80's, many amateur releases of this game available for USSR's home computers (not compatible with MSX and with each other).

I was very impresed by this game in 1988 on my first "BK-0010" home computer, and i still love it after 18 years :):

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