Millennium Remake 1.21

Classic 6.91 Mb Freeware

A remake of the 1989 classic Strategy Game Millennium 2.2 by Electric Dreams

The original Amiga version of this game, Millennium 2.2, was published by Electric Dreams, designed and written by Ian Bird featuring graphics by Jai Redman and music by David Whittaker. It was a Software Studios production in association with Marjacq Micros and was (C) 1989 Ian Bird.

All the predictions had been correct. The 20 billion ton asteroid had plummeted to Earth, smashing through it's surface like a bullet through glass.

Thousands of tons of molten rock erupted and spluttered over the Earth's oceans, vaporizing them instantly.

Winds raged all over the globe; ferocious, relentless, carrying great plumes of dust and debris out into space and across the surface.

Shock waves ran across the planet, the Earth rang like a bell, as all life form ebbed away.

Civilization ceased to exist . . .

The Moon 2200AD:
As Commander of Moon Base, you witness the event with an astonished gaze. You know the task in hand.

With the rich resources of the Solar System at your disposal and a small research team on Luna Base 1, you must ensure the survival of the human race.

With the rich resources of the solar system at your disposal, you must defend your colony against hostile attacks while ultimately trying to discover how to recolonize Earth and ensure the survival of the human race.

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