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February 18, 2020

Super Mega Pet 1.0.3HD
The Goal: Survive a hazardous life journey and explore the secret mini-world of Super Mega Pet.
Posted: 11:10:32 | License: Freeware | Size: 24.9 Mb | More In This Category ...

Treasure Hunter Man .98
Oh!! Treasure. It is like Indiana Jones (except not 4) or something, but way more silly. Are you man enough to find all the shiny stuff?
Posted: 11:10:17 | License: Freeware | Size: 3.85 Mb | More In This Category ...

Super Squirrel 2
A 3D platformer with game modes that include traditional multiplayer vs. modes, co-op, and single player campaign
Posted: 11:09:39 | License: FreeWare | Size: 8.43 Mb | More In This Category ...

Super Squirrel
Features classic action similar to "Megaman" except the player is equipped with both a gun and a sword. Both these weapons are upgraded as you continue through the game.
Posted: 11:09:27 | License: FreeWare | Size: 19.8 Mb | More In This Category ...

Super Egg Catcher
Easter egged - you have 60 seconds to save the poor bunny from being egged.
Posted: 11:09:08 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1.99 Mb | More In This Category ...

Jigsaw Sudoku 1.1.0
Play Sudoku with randomly shaped groups.
Posted: 11:08:48 | License: FreeWare | Size: 651 Kb | More In This Category ...

Killer Sudoku 1.1.0
Play the classic puzzle game of Killer Sudoku. This game is similar to sudoku but more challenging.
Posted: 11:08:28 | License: FreeWare | Size: 652 Kb | More In This Category ...

Find the Suspect 1.3.2
Can you recognize the suspect?
Posted: 11:08:11 | License: FreeWare | Size: 653 Kb | More In This Category ...

Sushi Pairs 1.1.0
Pair up the sushis so that no two pairs are identical
Posted: 11:07:53 | License: FreeWare | Size: 654 Kb | More In This Category ...

Sudokumat 5.62
Play Sudoku, generate puzzles and create PDF-books of puzzles
Posted: 11:07:38 | License: FreeWare | Size: 635 Kb | More In This Category ...

Awesome Possum
Awesome Possum, savior of the ecosystem, does battle with the environment-destroying automatons created by the evil Dr. Machino.
Posted: 11:07:17 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1.75 Mb | More In This Category ...

Ichiban Sudoku 2.0
Ichiban Sudoku brings the worldwide puzzle sensation to life on your home computer.
Posted: 11:06:58 | License: FreeWare | Size: 9.6 Mb | More In This Category ...

Super Mario Bros: Coin Quest
A Mario sidescroller with puzzle elements
Posted: 11:06:43 | License: FreeWare | Size: 6.83 Mb | More In This Category ...

Super Mario Bros: Crimson Hours
A decent Mario sidescroller
Posted: 11:06:28 | License: FreeWare | Size: 6.30 Mb | More In This Category ...

Super Marco
Super Marco was living peacefully in his own little world with princess Peanut.
Posted: 11:06:14 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1.21 Mb | More In This Category ...

Novel Sudoku 1.1.0
Sudoku is a popular logical game with easy rules. Come and play to find out why so many people are addicted in this game.
Posted: 11:06:01 | License: FreeWare | Size: 654 Kb | More In This Category ...

February 16, 2020

Mr. Blocko - Super Tournament Edition
Mr Blocko is similiar to Tetris but instead of controlling the lines, you control a little square guy who pushes them around.
Posted: 11:00:38 | License: FreeWare | Size: 2.23 Mb | More In This Category ...

Sudo Sudoku 2.0
You can generate endless of sudoku puzzels with Sudo, Sudo even checks so you do't have to solve the same puzzle twice.
Posted: 11:00:20 | License: Freeware | Size: 386 Kb | More In This Category ...

Super Tux Cart 0.5
SuperTuxKart is an enhanced version of TuxKart, a kart racing game, originally done by Steve Baker, featuring Tux and a bunch of his friends.
Posted: 11:00:05 | License: FreeWare | Size: 52.7 Mb | More In This Category ...

Sunbathing 101 3.03
You are gonna love this! Help the hotties have some fun in the sun. Its up to you to get them tanned.
Posted: 10:59:49 | License: FreeWare | Size: 8.99 Mb | More In This Category ...

Treasure Hunt 1.07
Treasure Hunt is a Japanese Game about a boy trying to retrieve his teddy bear from an mysterious island.
Posted: 10:59:30 | License: FreeWare | Size: 3.34 Mb | More In This Category ...

Pressure's Piece 1.13
This is a very fast paced arcade game with a goal of destroying as many pieces of the same color as possible.
Posted: 10:57:43 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1.94 Mb | More In This Category ...

Super Mario Bros: Dark Days
A Mario Platformer with a violent twist.
Posted: 10:57:23 | License: FreeWare | Size: 5.88 Mb | More In This Category ...

Amazo test: Supreme Ratings Edition 2.0
Amazo test is a game with 6 tests, each containing 10 questions. At the end of a test you will be given a rating.
Posted: 10:57:03 | License: FreeWare | Size: 2 Mb | More In This Category ...

Sub Jewels
This is a three-in-one game, where you can choose from Substitute, Time Warped, and Match Up.
Posted: 10:56:49 | License: FreeWare | Size: 2.12 Mb | More In This Category ...

My Sudoku 1.62
The computer program My SUDOKU, designed in, enables building exciting sudoku puzzles of several difficulty levels.
Posted: 10:56:33 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1.95 Mb | More In This Category ...

Super Mario War 1.7
Super Mario War is a Super Mario multiplayer game. The goal is to stomp as many other Marios as possible to win the game.
Posted: 10:56:02 | License: FreeWare | Size: 8.9 Mb | More In This Category ...

Kawasaki Superbike Challenge
Straddle a high performance motorcycle and go as fast as you can!
Posted: 10:55:48 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1 Mb | More In This Category ...

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